Latest Skype Insider build 8.65 comes with Smart suggestions, Background Blur and more

September 30, 2020
Microsoft Skype Together Mode


Microsoft today announced the release of Skype Insider build v8.65 with several new features. This new build ( comes with new features such as Raise hand, support for Background Blur on Android, Smart suggestions on iOS and more. Find the full change log below.

What’s new in Skype 8.65:

  • Raise hand! Do you want to participate more in the discussion, but you don’t want to interrupt the current speaker? Just raise your hand. Very handy for classroom meetings, but you can also use it as a simple voting mechanism.
  • Background Blur for Android. We are expanding this amazing feature also for Android users.
  • New message reaction picker! Missing some reactions? Just customize your reaction picker and add or remove any reactions you want.
  • Smart suggestions for iOS. We have added direct share support to your iOS devices so you can share text, photos, videos and files with your frequent Skype contacts.
  • Meet Now support for Safari. Join Meet Now calls via Safari on Mac. You don’t need to download the Skype app first if you want to join as a guest.
  • Join Meet Now calls easily. If Skype is already installed, you can just join the meeting by pasting the meeting URL/meeting ID into Skype.
  • Supporting CallTo and Tel protocols for Windows and Mac.
  • We have also updated Skype on Amazon Kindle Fire.

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