Latest Skype for Android update make it easier to sign back in to the app


Microsoft has released a new update for Skype for Android. The latest update isn’t really a major update, however, it brings a couple of new features. With the latest update, Microsoft introduces a simplified flow to sign back in which allows users to log back into the app just by tapping on the arrow. Microsoft states:

With the improvements we’ve made to battery use and notifications, you can comfortably leave Skype running on your Android devices without signing out. However, for those of you who still want to sign out, we’ve made it easier for you to sign back into the app. Skype now remembers your log-in details so you won’t need to. Just one tap on the arrow, and you’re in and ready to send IMs or make calls. You can also change the setting so the password is required every time you sign in.

Alongside a simplified flow to sign back in, the update also features an in-app browser which allows users to open links from chat right on Skype rather than opening it on a browser. The latest update is now live on the Google Play Store, and you can grab it from here.