Latest Office Insiders on the Mac build brings UI improvements (changelog)

Microsoft today pushed out another update to Office for Mac to Office Insiders on the Fast Ring.

The main new feature is UI improvements to the Outlook app, which can be seen in the screen shots above.

The changes to the mail and meeting invitation headers are intended to improve readability, accessibility as well as make the app feel more modern and at home on the Mac platform.

The headers now feature:

  • Improved keyboard navigation support making it easier to navigate the header without a mouse
    • Tab to move in-between the From and Recipient Fields
    • Left And Right Arrow keys to move between recipients
    • Shift-F10 To open the context menu on a selected recipient
    • Space bar to select between Show and Hide Details, when the selection is on the Show or Hide Details Button
  • Improvements to VoiceOver and tweaks to contrast ratios to improve readability
  • Improvements to readability by presenting a view of recipients that is easier to read at a glance
  • The addition of a Show Details button to reveal additional information on who’s on To: and who’s on Cc: should you so desire

In the full changelog, version 15.38 (170822) brings a number of improvements and features, including:

  • New or improved features:
    • Mail Headers: Improved look and functionality for mail and meeting invitation headers (in Reading Pane and separate window)
    • Week Numbers: In Calendar view, week numbers are now displayed in Month view (Grid view) and in the mini-calendar in the Sidebar
  • Fixes:
    • When composing a message, duplicate Attach File buttons are no longer displayed in the Ribbon
    • When using spacebar key to press view selection buttons in the Sidebar, keyboard focus now remains on the button pressed
  • Known issues:
    • macOS High Sierra: If you have the Cisco WebEx plugin installed, Outlook might crash
    • When composing a message, dragging and dropping contacts between To, Cc, and Bcc fields requires selecting, clicking, and holding before dragging
    • PowerPoint does not save modifications to files on network share on some versions of MacOS High Sierra beta
  • OneNote 2016
    • No fixes, known issues, or new features this week

Learn how to become an Office Insider and get early builds of the suite at Microsoft here.