Latest Office Insider build for iOS allows you to save your file as PDF

Microsoft yesterday released a new Office Insider build for iOS users with new features. You can now export a Word or Excel file to a PDF file. This build is a preview of the June monthly update. Office apps for iOS Version 2.2 (2.2.17053002) comes with following improvements.

  • Select or draw?: In the app settings, choose whether your Apple Pencil selects or inks by default. (Word, Excel and PowerPoint)
  • Save your file as PDF: Easily create a PDF from your file by going to File > Export.  (Word, Excel)
  • Document Provider support: Use iOS Document Provider to view Visio files no matter where they’re stored. (Visio)
  • Open more files: You asked for it! You can now open files that contain binary template files. (Excel)

Update your Office apps on iOS to the latest Insider Fast build to enjoy these new features.

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