Latest Nielsen data show little market share gain for Windows Phone in the US


Nielsen has posted some market share data for the smartphone market in the US.  Their numbers measure ownership ie. how many of each type of phone US residents own.

By their measure, during June to August period 2% of smartphone owners in USA had Windows Phones, vs 40% having iPhones and 53% having Android handsets.

Bizarrely the numbers are exactly the same as Nielsen’s March to May numbers earlier this year, which makes us wonder if there has not been a mistake made when publishing the numbers.


If we however accept the numbers it means the market has not really shifted this year for anyone, despite the introduction of a number of new Windows Phone or Android models. Of course the size of the market has been increasing steadily, with 64% of US phone owners now owning smartphones.

In terms of actual market share, Nielsen does not say what Windows Phone’s is, but 95% of sales were to iOS (34%) and Android (61%), leaving 5% to share between Windows Phone, Blackberry and “other”.

We have asked the question before, and we are asking the question again – is US a “lost” market for Windows Phone and is there anything Microsoft can do to turn it around? Let us know below.