Latest macOS Office Insider Preview Build brings new features to Outlook


9, 2020

Microsoft released Office for Mac (Insider Fast builds) Version 16.41 (20082600, 20083005, 20090201) on August 26, 31, and September 2, 2020. The company has now highlighted all the new features and bug fixes that come with the latest macOS Office Insider Preview Builds. The updates include no know issues. You can see the official changelog below.



New features

  • Search: view contact details by clicking button directly in search suggestions

Image of search results in Outlook.

  • Message List: quickly run a search for all messages within a specified filter, including unread, flagged, and has attachment, by clicking option directly at the bottom of the list

Image of Message List.

Bug fixes

  • Mail: nested compose window no longer remains open for certain messages after sending
  • Contacts: double-clicking a contact in the list now opens the newly selected contact
  • Search: keyboard focus is maintained when dismissing “Search In” dropdown in Expanded Search
  • Search: improved VoiceOver announcements for “Add more options” in Expanded Search
  • Main Window: Sidebar in top View menu now displays as checked when the Sidebar is expanded
  • Search: left and right arrow keys continue to work as search is typed
  • Mail: after installing app update, default account will now be selected on launch
  • Current Outlook | macOS Big Sur: fixed various cases where text was being clipped
  • Rules: rules can now be created and saved successfully
  • Calendar: meetings for Google accounts can be canceled from event popover
  • Main Window: expanding or collapsing the Sidebar only updates selected Main Window
  • Contacts: multiple selected contacts can now be categorized (via Toolbar and menu options)
  • Compose: “Some pictures in this message were not downloaded” info bar is no longer displayed when composing new messages with “Automatically download pictures from the internet” set to Never
  • Admin Manageability: AutomaticallyDownloadExternalContent preference, which manages “Automatically download pictures from the internet” setting, now displays as disabled when managed

Known issues


To update to the latest Office Insider Preview Build, open any Office program and go to File> Account> Update Options> Update Now.

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