Lanyard hacked onto a Lumia 950 XL (photos)


19, 2015

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The Lumia 950 XL is a large and slippery beast.  Unlike the 950 its edges are smooth, and its large expanse means your fingers do not wrap easily and securely around both edges, meaning when you reposition your hand the device always seems seconds way from hitting the floor.

Redditor Headfx wanted a solution, and decided to add a lanyard, just like his Lumia 1020 has.

He found a secure place to tie one in the brace which keeps his USB-C port in place, and wrote:

Turns out there is a “bracket” that is covering the USB-C port. After staring at it at different angles for five minutes I decided that since it was held down by two Star bolts (Size 4) it could be removed, although it wasn’t immediately obvious to me that it was the shape/size it turned out to be. It took a bit of effort to free it but it came away with the help of my thumbnail.

He notes that the handset is a bit more creaky after the operation, but otherwise seems to be working without issue.

See his guide below:

Personally for my 950 XL I will just be purchasing a case, like this lovely Fone-Case with built-in kickstand from Amazon.

If you however prefer a naked device read more in this Reddit thread and see the full collection of pictures here.

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