Lamity – Second Life comes to Windows Mobile



If you have a kick-ass video processor you need heavy duty software to take advantage of it. EitaroSoft has created Lamity, a Second-life like virtual world software for Windows Mobile to be Ginger to NVidia’s Tegra APX 2500 Fred Astaire.

Lamity allows a maximum 400 people to simultaneously access a virtual town within the service. This number exceeds the simultaneous accessibility of PC-based service “Second Life”. Lamity was shown off at at NVIDIA’s NVISION 2008 event , held on 25 August, in San Jose, California. The Lamity service is being used by Square Enix Co. to provide a complementary premium members site. EitaroSoft  is expecting to expand the service worldwide soon.

NVIDIA’s Tegra APX 2500 features great flexibility combining the supreme quality of graphics with the power of video, and is the industry’s first complete OpenKODE implementation.  This promises great cross-platform multi-media content like Lamity itself, which will also be available on Android.

See Lamity in action in the video below:


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