Lack of Nokia brand name does not seem to have hurt interest in the Lumia 535



Our biggest concern with the recent loss of the Nokia brand name from the Lumia 535 was that we would have a case of immediate consumer rejection as it’s no longer “a Nokia”.

Early indications appear to show that this is not the case, and that the Lumia brand name has become strong enough to sustain the product by itself.

If we look at Google search interest, going by their Trends website, it is clear that consumers are happy enough to search for the Lumia 535, and that searching for Nokia Lumia 535 register pretty low.

Interestingly even searching for the Microsoft Lumia 535 trends higher than searching for the Nokia Lumia 535, indicating that the transition appears to have been a success.

Of course the final answer will come from quarterly sales, but it is of note than we have already had a full quarter of sales (in Q3) where the old Nokia phone division belonged fully to Microsoft, and that sales were up 8% compared to the previous year.  We have also heard that the Lumia 535 is selling briskly in India, a region where the Nokia brand name is particularly strong.  It seems in the end Microsoft has successfully managed to carry at least a large proportion of Nokia’s customers along with them.

Have our readers observed this or the converse? Let us know below.