Kuddle, A Norwegian Startup Is Planning To Launch A Child Safe Tablet With Microsoft


29, 2014

Kuddle is an innovative photo sharing social media app designed for kids of all ages. Kuddle aims to create a fun and safer digital environment where children can learn about and explore the ever expanding world of social media. Reuters today reported that Kuddle is working with Microsoft to launch a child-safe tablet in the market on Dec 1st.

“We are working with Microsoft on several child safe devices which will be sold on our online store,” Chief Executive Ole Vidar Hestaas said. “The first device will be an Ipad Mini sized tablet prized under $100 that will be ready ahead of the Kuddle Store launch.”

“This is a child friendly device and it is not possible to download games like GTA (Grand Theft Auto) or apps like Snapchat,” Hestaas said.

Unfortunately, there is no much information about this upcoming tablet. If we find more information, we will update this post .

via: Reuters

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