Konami has released a statement to apologize for the launch of eFootball, which has quickly become the worst reviewed game on Steam

“After the release of eFootball 2022, we have received lots of feedback and requests regarding game balance that includes pass speed and defence operation,” Konami announced in a statement released onto Twitter before delving into the game’s problems. “We would also like to acknowledge that there have been reports of problems users have experienced with cutscenes, facial expressions, movements of players and the behaviour of the ball.”

“We are very sorry for the problems, and want to assure everyone we will take all concerns seriously and strive to improve the current situation.”

“This work will be continuously updated, quality will be improved and content will be added consistently,” Konami’s statement continued. “From next week onward, we will prepare for an update in October, while receiving further opinions through questionnaires to our users.”

“We will do our utmost to satisfy as many users as possible, and we look forward to your continued support of eFootball 2022.”

It’s hardly a surprise that eFootball warranted an apology considering the state that it launched in, it takes quite a lot, after all, to become the worst reviewed game on Steam, beating out utter tripe such as Flatout 3: Chaos & Destruction and RollerCoaster Tycoon World.

Hopefully, thanks to the update arriving later this month, eFootball will soon be on the mend so that Konami can have some of their dignity back.