Know Inc – Wikipedia based puzzle/knowledge game

In the not so distant future, the Internet becomes cluttered with useless information and important bits of knowledge are in danger of becoming lost. You are a modern age librarian tasked to track and preserve this knowledge, for the good of humankind!

Know Inc. is a Wikipedia based game available for Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8.1. The goal of every mission is to find a specific Wikipedia page, starting from another one.

The game features:

  • Story mode: 10 missions in which the agent tries to find some famous pieces of knowledge while another secret orgazation tracks his moves. Once completed, the player is rewarded with a hand drawn wallpaper that he can set as lock screen image.
  • Random/free roaming mode: two random Wikipedia articles are provided, and the agent has to find the link between them (it is guaranteed that there is at least one possible path between them).
  • Hand drawn artwork: all the artwork in the game has been drawn by hand. The player can use some of it as lock screen image.
  • Sync progress between Windows and Windows Phone: once you complete a mission on the phone, it is completed on PC too and vice versa.

QRCodeThe game is free with ads. If you are annoyed by the ads, you can remove them by buying an in-app purchase ($1.49). Once purchased, the no-ads pack removes the ads both from the Windows Phone and the Windows 8.1 versions.

Download the game from here. More information and support is available on the official website.