Klout Announces Preview Version Of Klout Experts With Integration In Bing


8, 2013

Bing Klout Expert Results

Klout today announced a new program called Klout Experts. With Klout Experts, our goal is to enable every person to share their passions and expertise with the world. Klout Experts will create a path to not only increasing your Klout Score, but also to helping others by sharing your insights and opinions.

Here is how it works:

During this preview period, we’ve made Klout Experts available to a small percentage of our users. If you’re one of the influencers we’ve tapped for early access, when you come to Klout you will have the opportunity to share your insights to questions about the topics you are most interested in. You can also request early access to Klout Experts by signing up for the waitlist.

For example, a person building their influence in photography might be asked, “What’s the best digital SLR for beginners?” Someone who is an expert about fitness might answer, “What’s a great exercise routine for someone with bad knees?” We are focused on practical advice that leverages the taste and wisdom we all have about something.

Starting today, an initial set of Klout Experts answers are being delivered on Bing. Influencers who take part in Klout Experts will have the opportunity to have their answers seen by millions of people using Bing search every day.

Read more about it from the link below.

Source: Klout

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