Kleio Flashcards – Best way to study vocab ever!

Kleio Flashcards is a great app that not only lets you create flashcards on your phone, but also helps you study and learn them!

Once you create a deck of flashcards, Kleio lets you study them by showing you the question, and then revealing the answer. When it reveals the answer, it also asks you to rate how well you knew the answer, from 0 to 5. If you rate it a 0 or 1, it will repeat the card in that same study session, until you know it better. If you rate it a 3, it’ll repeat it the next day, since you didn’t know it too well. If you rate it a 5, then it’ll leave even more days between repeating it. This system makes studying 450 Spanish vocab words far easier!

If you consistently rate a card 5/5, then the days between repeating the card will be further increased. Without this app, studying that many Spanish vocab words would be absolutely chaotic. This app makes it easy enough where I usually only study 50 cards a day.

The app also has  Windows 7 desktop program that syncs with the WP7 app through your Google account, so you can quickly type flashcards on your PC and then study them on your phone. You can also use existing flashcard decks from Kleio’s website, and soon you’ll even be able to sync StudyStack cards through the desktop program! A Mango version of the app is also on its way!

Download Kleio Flashcards on your Windows Phone for FREE or for $2.99, and download the desktop client for FREE too!