KitchenAid launches a splash-resistant smart display with support for Google Assistant

American home appliances brand KitchenAid has launched a new splash-resistant smart display with support for Google Assistant. The company showcased the new display just ahead of CES 2019 which will kick off tomorrow.

The KitchenAid smart display looks similar to any other display and has a sleek design. The smart display comes with a 10-inch screen and carries an IPX-5 certification for water-resistance. KitchenAid has also added support for Google Assistant so you don’t have to touch the screen with oil soaked hands. Moreover, the smart display also comes with a variety of cooking-related content, thanks to Yummy which is owned by Whirlpool as well.

KitchenAid hasn’t disclosed the price yet but they said it will be between $200-300. At this price, it’s a great deal considering the fact that it comes IP rating and has access to Yummy for recipes. However, with CES starting from tomorrow, we might see a competition to KitchenAid but for now, it surely is a great deal. For more coverage surrounding the CES, you can follow our dedicated page.

Via: Cnet