Kinoma Play updated, finally usable

We are fans of Kinoma Play, but the software had usability issues which prevented it from becoming our primary media player. Fortunately the software has an auto-update feature, and Kinoma has been making great use of it.

In today’s update Kinoma has finally addressed one of the biggest issues – the mandatory and lengthy scan on start-up of the software.

  • Kinoma Play now scans for media when you select My Media Files, instead of on startup.
  • You can now choose between Automatic and Manual scanning in Settings > Library.
  • Scanning can now be canceled (other than the first time a new source — like a new Storage Card — is detected.)
  • A new Scan command appears at the top of My Media Files if Kinoma Play detects that My Media Files may not be up-to-date (i.e. if a previous scan was canceled, or if Automatic scanning is off).

All these features mean the software is now quite usable for popping into your Youtube account quickly and streaming some videos, instead of previously, where the application had to be used rather deliberately.

There has been some other bug-fixes also, such as better handling of A2DP Bluetooth headphones and speakers. AVRCP is still however not supported yet, meaning you still cant forward to the next track using the controls on your A2DP headphones.

There are also some new features, like support for the G-Sensor in the HTC Diamond, allowing video to be easily rotated, and support for the Xperia X1.

Current owners will either be notified about the update automatically or can check manually by going to Kinoma Play’s Main screen, show the menu pod and select Player > Check for Updates.

Read more about the latest update to Kinoma Play at Kinoma’s blog, or download the software from