Kinoma Play: Remember me?

Remember Kinoma Play? The mobile media software. It was a bit frustrating to use when it was first released. Of course the software has recieved some updates since then and is now quite a pleasure to use. Let’s take another quick look.

There are so many options with Kinoma Play. The ability to stream music or podcasts is a great feature. Do you want to watch a YouTube video or upload a video to the site right from your Windows Mobile handset? Piece of cake. Sign in to Flickr or use Orb? No problem. All of these things can be accomplished with Kinoma and so much more.

I am one of those guy’s that is always changing my wallpaper to give my device a new look. With Kinoma Play, I am able to search Google Images or Yahoo! Images, find the picture I want, and download it straight to my media card. Works like a charm. I even have the option to email the image to a friend, or simply save it as a favorite to view or download at a later time. Very cool.

This software also gives me several options for streaming radio right to my Fuze. I can use SHOUTcast, wich has a large variety of stations for all different types of music and genres and is free, as well as Live365 which offers a free trial. Keep up to date with Digital Podcast to listen to all of your favorite content, even save podcasts to your favorites that you listen to regularly for quick and easy access.

Kinoma Guide offers a truckload of content as well. Everything from business, news, science, sports and even travel. This ranges from simple audio or even video. There is definitely something for everyone in Kinoma Guide, whatever your taste may be. Probably the hardest task for myself has been to sift through all the goodies that Kinoma offers. Just when I think I found exactly what I was looking for, I stumble upon something else. What a joy this software has turned out to be.

YouTube streams very nicely and uploading a video seems as though it would be relatively painless, although I have not used this feature just yet. Video switched from portrait to landscape quickly and my experience was nothing short of positive.

Overall, the softwares UI is pretty slick however, viewing my pictures was the part that stood out to me. The overall UI looks good on the VGA screen, but pictures look AMAZING! This is the feature that got me hooked.











The last feature I will touch on is the music player. Although the native music player on my HTC is sufficient for all that I use it for, the Kinoma music player once again makes great use of the VGA display. The alblum art looks fantastic and navigation is a breeze.



Kinoma Play brings alot to the table. This review could go on and on and I have just touched on a few of the things that have really stood out to me. Thus far, I am loving this program and am sure there is more yet for me to discover. Who else out there is using this software? Let us know about your experience with Kinoma Play in the comments.

For more information or to download go here.


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