Kinect – missed marketing opportunity for Windows Phone

I have just scored another achievement in Fruit Ninja Kinect and I have realized how big marketing opportunity Microsoft is missing!

So, the other day I was in a shop searching for VGA cable for my Xbox, and I have noticed demo unit of Xbox, took controller and started to browse it. I noticed one position in the Xbox menu – about Xbox Live service – and in one of sub-menus there was advertisement of Windows Phone 7, with short video about it how it supports also Xbox Live. I thought to myself: well, Microsoft is using synergy in marketing after all…

… then I came home and tried to find anything about Windows Phone in menus of my Xbox (I use Xbox UK service) and: nothing! Zero, nada, nothing. What’s weird is: Microsoft is advertising within Xbox menus various new Xbox games, new movies, new services, but not Windows Phone!

* * * * *

Here is the thing: in 2009 and 2010 Microsoft and Sony were in a race: to release a full-motion sensor to the market, as an accessory to their consoles (Xbox 360 and Playstation 3). Sony failed, Microsoft won and the rest is history: Kinect is now a huge drive of Xbox gaming console popularity as people who would never consider gaming, now, with controller-less Kinect gaming, are actually purchasing Xbox with Kinect. Also people who stopped using Xbox, are dusting it off, buying Kinect and playing again.

Kinect is nothing but revolution: while previously gaming was about sitting in a chair with controller in a hand, now you can use your body and exercise by the way. Can you imagine: it’s just first generation of full motion body sensor but already so incredibly popular!

Now, you know what’s sad: Microsoft is totally squandering synergistic marketing opportunity. Would it hurt Microsoft to have one menu position with Windows Phone infos inside of Xbox menus? And also inside of some Xbox games?

Unbelievable: Kinect is hugely innovative yet it is a Microsoft product and it’s just the beginning: the really good Kinect games will be released at the end of 2011 and 2012. The Kinect frenzy is just getting started.

I am sure that Microsoft could sell much more Windows Phone devices, if only Windows Phone ad would be present inside of Xbox menus. And making some kind of interaction between Kinect and Windows Phone would be explosive: Microsoft would regain its mojo.

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