Kinect For Windows Hardware Now Available From Amazon & Microsoft Store

Microsoft today announced the availability of Kinect For Windows hardware. The device is available for sale from Amazon and Microsoft Store. The device will cost $249 and will have one year warranty.

The newly released Kinect for Windows hardware is optimized for use with computers and devices running Windows 7, Windows 8 developer preview (desktop applications only), and Windows Embedded-based devices. Some of the changes to the hardware include:

Near modeEnables the camera to see objects as close as 40 centimeters in front of the device without losing accuracy or precision, with graceful degradation out to 3 meters.

Shortening USB cable and small dongleEnsure reliability across a broad range of computers and improves coexistence with other USB peripherals.

Support and software updatesThe Kinect for Windows hardware includes a one-year warranty, support, and access to software updates for both speech and human tracking.

In the US, Visit Amazon , Visit Microsoft Store  to order it. Also the Kinect for Windows sensor will soon be available through a global network of distributors and resellers soon.