KIN OSX synching software in fact re-branded Mark/Space Missing Sync

Mark/Space and KIN Press Release:  Mark/Space®, creator of award-winning desktop and handheld synchronization software, announced the immediate release of KIN Media Sync for Mac computers. Mark/Space was chosen as the exclusive provider of Mac media sync software for the new KIN ONE and KIN TWO phones from Microsoft. KIN Media Sync uses Mark/Space GoGadget technology to make it easy for KIN owners to connect their phone to a Mac to sync music, video, photos and podcasts.

"We partnered with Microsoft to develop the best Mac media sync software for the new KIN phones," said Brian Scott Toney, Mark/Space Director of Sales and Business Development. "Our media sync capability has been a reliable staple of Mark/Space products for more than a decade. Leveraging our expertise, KIN Media Sync for Mac lets KIN owners fully enjoy the media features of their phones."

With KIN Media Sync, Mac users can sync individual songs or entire albums, genres, artists and playlists of music between a KIN phone and iTunes on their Mac. Photos snapped with a KIN phone can be synced with iPhoto, and albums of photos from iPhoto can be synchronized to a KIN, too. KIN Media Sync also makes it easy to transfer digital video and home movies from a Mac to a KIN. Movies are automatically converted for the best viewing experience on a KIN phone’s screen.

The KIN Media Sync project for Microsoft adds to the growing list of recent partnerships Mark/Space has had with a number of device manufacturers, including Nokia and Palm. Mark/Space media synchronization technologies and software are available for Windows and Mac OS X computers.

Availability and Pricing

KIN Media Sync is available for Mac OS X. It can be downloaded free from the Mark/Space web site, at Registration is required to receive a registration code and activate the software.


This development is relatively interesting.  We had known already that Microsoft will be doing a Mac client of sorts, but it is pretty unusual for the company to purchase in solutions developed by others, but in many ways it may be a better way to fill in the gaps in the platform rapidly for a company that appears to be money rich but resource poor.