Kin One & Two For Teens?


The new devices from Verizon Wireless are targeted to teens, but are they truly for teens. The new device is a great new way for “teens” to text, browse, and stay connected on Facebook, but one feature requires something teens don’t have. TO be able to use the Zune integration, you are required a Credit Card, but last I checked, most teens do not have those available to them. This makes the feature a bit of a waste, because some teens will not be able to use it. While that could be seen as a bad feature, a lot of teens could simply ask their parents to let them use their cards, since they are on their parent’s network.

If a teen can get a card, they can enjoy a great new way of listening to all the music you want for one low price a month. So far I have been enjoying the Zune services on my Kin One, and Two, it is a great, low cost system for me.