Kin One, And Two In My Hands


25, 2010


Well after a great whole month with the Droid Incredible, I had to let go, and now have the Kin One and Two in my hands. The device was delivered to me today with everything intact, and so far I have some positives, and a little negatives.


The devices are very small, and are also very easy to hold. It loads very fast, and allows me to log into my Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Windows Live, and Rss feed, which makes it the most connected device ever. The menu system looks great, but mostly due to the images taken from my twitter and facebook account and placed on my background.


This device has some negatives. The most notable is the really complicated, and hard to understand menu system. The device is a bit hard to navigate, and takes quite some time to get used to. The buttons are very hard to use, and it is also very easily missed and it leads you to the camera or power off.

I will do some reviews, videos, and more with the device, but as usual I like to wait a bit before I give a review. I do that because then I have a better idea of what I am talking about, and can do it with greater details. Look out for more this week.

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