Killzone Mercenaries has been one of the most active PSVita multiplayer games since the game’s launch back in 2013. Seven years after its launch, Sony has killed it. 

Following the servers’ surprise closure, passionate fans took to the PlayStation Vita subreddit to question the game’s failure to connect to multiplayer games. Fans quickly realized that the resulting error code – The Matchmaking Service Failed – meant the game was gone for good.

According to some fans, Killzone Mercenaries servers have been inactive for two days as dedicated Vita players have been filling up game servers during lockdown.

“One day I was playing in full servers consistently, the next I can’t load into a game,” one player said.

“Games have been pretty full since March,” said another user.

The PlayStation Vita has never been the most popular games console; Microsoft predicted the console would fail and Windows Phone would succeed… One of those was true! However, games like Killzone Mercenaries have always seen a consistent playerbase. (Myself included!)

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It’s unfortunate to see one of the few pillars of the PlayStation Vita community being killed by Sony before its time is up.

Sony has also been shuttering servers for other games including Singstar, Dark Eclipse and more.