KickStarter for RPG needs only $720 for a Windows Phone version



622493e08e8c150b5bfdfcb916cb9c1d_largeVacant Sky: Awakening – A Pre-Apocalyptic RPG is a KickStarter project by Bishop Myers for a new  and modern RPG in which the player assumes the role of a young nobleman and follows his seven year journey for glory, fame, power, and love. As time moves on, the player will see characters grow and contend with the new issues that come with adulthood – such as taking responsibility for one’s past actions.

The team initially aimed to raise only $8000, but added some stretch goals, initially for iPhone and iPad support up to $9000 and now for an extra $1000 for Windows Phone support.

They have already raised $9,283 at the time of writing, with 16 days to go, and the team is aiming for a Spring release.

If this style of gaming strikes your fancy drop by the KickStarter page to read more and donate here.

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