Keyboard shortcuts in Windows 8


With Windows 8 Metro interface featuring much less on-screen controls, there is an increased need, at least with non-touch screen devices, for keyboard shortcuts.

Below is a useful list of shortcut keys that may make using Windows 8 on a normal laptop much less painful, and in the end may even make your a lot more efficient.

Win + Spacebar : Switch the input language and keyboard layout

Win + C : Open the Charms

Win + D : Show the desktop

Win + E : open Windows Explorer

Win + F : Open the Search panel

Win + H : Open the Share charm

Win + I : Open the Settings charm

Win + K : Open the Connect charm

Win + L : Lock the computer

Win + O : Lock the screen rotation

Win + Q : Open the search pane

Win + R : Open run

Win + V : Cycle through toasts

Win + W : Opens the Settings search panel

Win + Y : Peek at the desktop

Win + Z : open the app bar

Win + Shift + V : Reverse cycle through toasts

Win + Enter : Launch the narrator

Win + PgUp : Move tiles to the left

Win + PgDn : Move tiles to the right

Win + Shift + . : Move the split to the left

Win + . : Move the split to the right


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