Kevin Turner Lists Microsoft’s Big Bets For FY12 At WPC’11



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At Worldwide Partner Conference today, Microsoft COO Kevin Turner took stage on addressing partners about Microsoft’s strategy on consumer and enterprise business. Here are the highlights from his keynote,

1) Microsoft is going to focus on Business Cloud Offerings by embracing Public, Private and Hybrid Clouds.

ms cloud

2) Microsoft will continue to improve consumer cloud services which include Bing, Windows Live,etc,. Kevin mentioned Skype and its 175 million active users.

ms cloud1

3) Microsoft will focus and enterprise offerings, consumer offerings and advertisement based business.

4) In each of the above mentioned areas Microsoft have made some great progress over the past year. For example, No.of Azure customers doubles every month, Bing have grown over 114% since launch, there are 5 million licensed Office 365 users, etc.

5) With Partnership with Nokia which is a leader in smartphones worldwide, Microsoft is expecting to sell 100 million Windows Phones next year. 

6) After speaking on the Microsoft’s performances in the past year or so, Kevin spoke on Microsoft’s R&D investments. Microsoft spends about $3bn more than the nearest technology company in R&D spending. Also Microsoft is planning to open more Microsoft stores across the world, about 75 of them.

7) Microsoft’s bets for FY12,

ms cloud 4

8) Kevin took each of Microsoft’s competitors and explained their position against Microsoft. He cited examples of customers coming back to Microsoft from Google Docs and also Google’s evil policy of snooping Wi-Fi and scanning emails. He also spoke on VMware’s Cloud Economics,’s customer forcing and Oracle’s new Fusion strategy which is bitter to customers.

9) Kevin further explained the Microsoft’s unified strategy,

cloud 2

10) Kevin at last thanked partners for their incredible support without which all these could not have been possible. Also he urged partners to embrace cloud and join Microsoft to win together.

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