UK: Keep Me Safe for WP7 will scare the bejeesus out of you

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In UK there is both the perception that the country is relatively safe, and also that crime is dramatically on the increase.

Keep Me Safe for Windows Phone 7 will do little to reassure you, but will certainly help you make informed decisions about the risk you expose yourself to when out and about, and after you acclimatize to the general level of crime easily spot crime hotspots in new and unfamiliar areas.

Keep Me Safe accesses government databases to shows crimes overlaid on a map for your local area. The app allows you to go to anywhere in the country and see crimes that have occurred in the last month. It also shows you the local police force and neighbourhood force’s contact details, if you don’t need the emergency services but still need to call the police to report a crime.

Full feature list:

  • View your local police force contact details
  • View your local neighbourhood force contact details
  • View any police force in the UK
  • View any neighbourhood force in the UK
  • View neighbourhood crime statistics and compare against the national average
  • View crimes in your area and anywhere in the UK

Keep Me Safe is £0.79 and is available in the marketplace now. A trail is available which allows you to view police details but does not allow you to pan the map to view crimes in other locations.

Keep Me Safe can be found in Marketplace here.