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21, 2009

Author Surur // in News

There is a lot of Windows Mobile news every day. We at WMPoweruser should know, as we sift though the feeds to bring your only the most interesting bits. We are committed to bringing you only the latest and greatest Windows Mobile news, views and reviews as timely as possible, and we now have a number of ways for you to get our latest updates.

The one most of our readers will be familiar with is our RSS Feed which operates through Feedburner and supports most RSS clients.


If Web 2.0 is more your thing, we also have a twitter page, where you will not only have a direct stream of our feed, but will be able see other posts of interest from our editorial team.


A more recent development is our Facebook page, where we hope to see all of our most trendiest readers hang out.


For video houds, we have our Youtube channel, featuring our latest video reviews.



Subscribe to our podcast feed here or using iTunes here.



Lastly, if you just want to catch up on news while you are surfing your favourite forum, or just want to show your buddies that you are a real WM Power User, we now have our feed as an animated banner suitable for insertion in many signature fields.

If you have any particular topic you want us to cover, or have a hot tip, you can e-mail us directly from our Contact page here.

We are committed to being where you are, so if there is any other channel which we have missed, please drop us a note in the comments. You do not have to register to comment, and each comment is much appreciated, (even more if you disagree with the post in question 🙂 ).

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