Kantar Survey: Only 1.7% Of The Panelists Said They Will Replace PC With A Tablet

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Kantar World Panel conducted a survey on their Twitter followers about mobile users and their relationships with their devices. They posted some interesting stats which reflect the current tablet and PC market.

  • We know that tablet sales are stagnant and that 79% of American panelists without a tablet have said that the reason they are not planning to buy a tablet in the next 12 month is because their PC is “good enough” for them.
  • When we asked consumers who own a PC if they are planning to replace that PC in 2015, 85% of the panelists interviewed said they are not. 11.3% said they indeed are planning to replace their current PC with another, and1.7% said they will replace that PC with a tablet.
  • Finally, 1.9% plan to replace their PC with a convertible.
  • Consumers in the 25 to 34 year bracket are the most favorable to tablets, with 2.9% planning to purchase one as a replacement for their PC. Consumers 16 to 24, are the most open to convertibles (3.5%) most likely because they’re still in their school years.

Two years back, there was something called Post-PC era. I wonder what happened to that illusion!

Source: Kantar