Kantar: Despite surge in sales PayPal mobile payments still more used than Apple Pay


Market research company Kantar has reported some interesting results from a recent survey by Lightspeed FSG that revealed that, despite a very high profile, services like PayPal and Google Wallet still outstrips Apple Pay in actual usage.

They discovered that despite 43% of US consumers being aware of Apple Pay only 3% have actually used it, versus 12% for PayPal mobile payments for example.

The main concerns consumers had around using Apple Pay was security, and main reason they were interested in using mobile payments was convenience, being able to track payments and the novelty of paying with your phone.

The results come for a survey of 2,439 US adults surveyed Nov. 19 – Dec. 1, 2014. Lightspeed Financial Services Group (Lightspeed FSG) has been tracking consumer use and ownership of credit cards and other payment products for more than 10 years, and is a leading source of consumer insights for the payments industry.

It seems Apple Pay may end up being one of those really overhyped features that will not in fact change the world, which should come as a relief to competing platforms such as Windows Phone, and also the key to higher usage is cross-platform apps like PayPal, which is of course available already on our OS.

Read the full report at Kantar here.