Kantar calls Windows Phone the top performer of 2013

In their “Mobile Trends that Matter Tomorrow” report published today Kantar Worldpanel analyst Dominic Sunnebo discussed resurgence of Windows Phone on the smartphone stage.

He writes:

If Android and Apple can claim to be the big players of 2013, Windows Phone wins the title of top-performer. It wasn’t a promising start for Windows Phone when launched in October 2010 as solid reviews failed to translate into meaningful sales. A lack of apps and consumer wariness of a new platform were blamed and many claimed that the experiment had failed. Three years later and Windows is the fastest growing OS in the world. It has overtaken Apple in Italy, is a close second in Germany and has snatched back third place in Britain.

What changed?

Windows is the fastest growing OS in the world
Most early adopters were already on their second smartphone when Windows Phone launched, making it very hard for Nokia to attract them across to a new platform. The turning point for Windows Phone was 2013’s launch of the Nokia Lumia 620 and 520. Changing tactic and re-focusing on the low to middle-end of the market appealed to a large number of the remaining first-time smartphone buyers, many of whom still own Nokia featurephones. It has sucked up the remaining customers from Symbian and BlackBerry and is now eating into the low-end Android market. The good news for Nokia and Microsoft is that once consumers buy their first smartphone and become more engaged in the market, they are willing to spend significantly more on their upgrade. Nokia may be skewed to the low end now, but if it can keep its increasing base of customers loyal the high-end should follow soon after.

Read their full report, which gives insights into the mobile trends coming, including OS and Brand loyalty, screen size and price points and other elements, here.