Kaizala App From Microsoft Garage Now Available On iOS

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Kaizala is an app from Microsoft Garage that helps you get your work done by tracking bills, jobs, location and more. Kaizala tries to bring all your communication – within your team, with partners and customers – to one place. You can track your resources (people, time, and money) – as simple as sending an ‘action’ in your chat, organize your team as you want – in one chat or start a new chat for each project/team and get work done by extracting value from your conversations.

It was previously introduced on Android in February, is now on available on iOS.

Key Features:

  • No computer, laptop or server needed – just download the app
  • Easily organize your chat
  • Start group or private (1-1) chat
  • Work with people inside and outside of your business
  • Simple and Quick Actions
  • Share or Request location updates – keep track of where your team members are with one-tap location share
  • Share photo with location – Share current photo along with location information
  • Bill Submit – Capture and share bill photo along with other information to manage your bills on the move
  • Create & Assign Jobs – Assign and track status of Jobs
  • Capture Availability – Request and share availability on any future date
  • Share Attachments – Easily share images
  • Works on 2G
  • It’s FREE!

Download it here from App Store and here from Play Store. Microsoft Garage today released Sprightly for iOS, read about it here.

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