Jyske Bank calls Windows Phone 8 “a large step in the right direction” for Nokia, rates the company Buy



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Here is some good news for the beleaguered Nokia, who has seen a massive slump in their share price both in the past and recently.

Jyske Bank has taken a look at Windows Phone 8, and liked what they saw enough to rate the company’s shares a Buy.

They write:

Last night, Microsoft and Nokia disclosed a number of interesting details about Windows Phone 8 (WP8) – the next version of Windows Phone.

In our view, WP8 matches the two rival operating systems – iOS and Android in almost all areas.

We even go so far as to say that the operating system in some respects beats the others (with respect to gaming, VoIP integration etc.).

WP8 makes the future look brighter for Lumia/Nokia. Still, WP8 involves a considerable sales challenge in the short term for Nokia.

We reiterate our BUY recommendation for Nokia but we continue to point out the high risk profile. Until we see clear signs that Nokia’s destiny has turned to the better, we only recommend speculative investors to invest in the share.

Clearly the lack of a Windows Phone 8 upgrade for existing handsets has raised the risk of an Osborne effect for existing stock, but hopefully Nokia will see its way through that and benefit from improved sales related to a more competitive product in Q4 2012.

See the rating in full detail here.

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