Just use Expression Blend and get done with it!


This definitely makes me scratch my head! We have had several posts on this site about the ease of development using Expression Blend  so when I came across the above website, I had to chuckle a little. The product, a post-it-note pad, is essentially a “flintstone” method for brainstorming and visualizing apps for the iPhone. The site goes on to say

Stay true to the original

Apps-on Post-it Notes precisely match the size and shape of the iPhone 4, allowing you to design and sketch in 1:1 scale.

Sketch it out

The dotted grid system provides a perfect base layer for pixel accurate drawings, yet remains subtle enough for more organic interface concepts. The non-photo blue dots magically disappears when scaned or photocopied.


Ledgendary 3M Post-it technology let you collaborate on any surface of your choice: whiteboard, glass, poster paper, even table top. Leap from sketches to flows. Don’t let complex computer programs slow you down.

Compare this to Expression Blend for WP7, using the Sketchflow feature, a developer can not only rapidly prototype their app on their PC (instead of a piece of paper!) they can even deploy it on the phone emulator with a few steps and never having to write a line of code. The WP7 tools go even further enabling the user to import photoshop files in layers as you can see on the video below. For developers, the choice for mobile phone SDKS cannot be any clearer. By a show of hands, who wants to prototype an app using post-it notes?

Please note: I know this is not an official Apple product but I think the comparison is still valid.

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