Just In Time For World’s Largest Election, Microsoft India Launches Elections Portal

Bing Elections India

India started the world’s largest election today (07th of April). There are over 814 million eligible voters and the election will continue in phases over next five weeks. The results from all 935,000 polling stations around are expected on May 16 determining the next ruling party and electing the Prime Minister. Microsoft India has now launched a Elections portal on its Bing website. This website allows you to access the results of past elections results of over 50 years, and you can do all the data crunching to know about which party when, where and more. There are also news section to read about the latest happenings. You can also know about each candidate on the same website. Visit http://www.bing.com/elections for more details.

Apart from this, Microsoft is also partnering with CNN-IBN for their Elections coverage. You can visit Microsoft CNN-IBN Election Analytics Center at http://ibnlive.in.com/general-elections-2014/analytics/.