JRPGs and Japanese publishers will be on Microsoft’s E3 stage this year according to Phil Spencer

A constant criticism of Xbox this generation has been its lack of support from Japanese publishers and other Eastern markets compared to Sony. With Phil Spencer at the helm, he’s looking to change this.

After partaking in an impromptu AMA on Twitter the other day, Spencer said that as of right now, JRPGs will have a presence on Microsoft’s E3 stage this year.

In another tweet, Spencer specifically mentioned that SEGA has some great franchises he’d like to see brought over to Xbox. This comment was prompted by a fan mentioning the Yakuza series.

After Scalebound was unceremoniously cancelled, fans questioned Xbox’s commitment to JRPGs. Spencer has acknowledged that he hears fans and understands that Xbox needs to work harder from a third-party standpoint when it comes to Japanese brands. Hopefully this year we’ll see how Xbox is looking to improve that.

Microsoft’s E3 press conference is set to take place at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles on June 10 at 1PM PT.

Via: IGN