Journey, the iconic game that captured the hearts of many, is finally coming to Windows PC.

The game has been a PlayStation exclusive since 2012, meaning that it’s taken 7 long years for it to find its way onto PC. The wait is almost over, though: it’ll arrive on June 6th.

Journey will support up to 4K resolutions, so you can cry in high definition. It’ll also support online play, as the original game does on PlayStation.

It’ll sport a price tag of $14.99/£11.49 at launch, which is a steal for such a beautiful experience. Now for what some may consider to be bad news: Journey is set to be an Epic Store exclusive.

The port was made capable thanks to Annapurna Interactive, who are also known for publishing games such as What Remains of Edith Finch and Donut County.

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If you haven’t played Journey, stop reading this now and either play it on PlayStation 3 or 4 or wait for it to come to PC. Journey is a game that you want to go into blind.

If you don’t mind mild spoilers, just know that you play as a mysterious robed figure, travelling through the desert and towards a mountain in the distance.

The music (composed by Austin Wintory) is designed to respond to your actions, so act wisely. Just remember: it’s not the destination that matters – it’s the journey.