Jordanian intern earns $1000 in 3 months from Windows Phone 7 app

Tariq Ateik’s translation app has already crossed the 1000 paid download mark in less than 3 months

Its not the hundreds of thousand dollar success stories one hears from the iOS platform, but this story, via Microsoft Jordan, shows that developers who are on the edge of jumping into the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace may as well give it a shot.

Tariq Ateik, a CS student at Jordan University, was one of 6 interns hired by the Microsoft Innovation Center in Amman for the summer 2011 . Each student was encouraged to publish one application to Marketplace during their stay.

In the two months there Tariq produced not one but 6 applications, publishing them via YallaApps.

He appears to have achieved somewhat of a hit with his “Talking Translator” application which sells for $.99 and which has already crossed the 1000 download mark in less than 3 months.

His app does OCR on a photo of text and then translates it into another language, including reading out the words out loud.

Tariq is now passing on his knowledge and experience to others, having recently delivered a session at a workshop about “Windows Phone 7 Rapid Application Development” – walking through his applications’ code and giving tips & tricks to fellow community developers.

Tariq is already planning to go onto bigger and brighter things by exploiting the new features of Mango, and we wish him the best of luck.

Read more at MSDN here.