Joining Teams meeting from a phone is getting easier, says Microsoft

August 10, 2023

Microsoft just announced that they’re looking forward to revamp users’ experience in joining Teams meeting from a phone.

We’ve spotted an update on the Microsoft 365 Roadmap site (Feature ID 146741) that will make it easier for external users to join Teams meetings. Starting in October 2023, external users will have fewer steps to join a meeting, will be able to preview their video and audio settings before joining, and will have a more streamlined experience when switching between accounts.¬†

“We are improving the meeting join experience on mobile by 1) streamlining the meeting join process by reducing the number of steps it takes to join the meeting, particularly for users joining from externally of the organization, 2) users who join without signing in will now have the capability to preset and preview video / audio settings prior to joining the meeting, and 3) simplifying the join process for users with multiple accounts by improving the account switching user experience,” says Microsoft.

The good thing is, Microsoft promises that these additions are coming on both iOS and Android devices worldwide for everyone, as a part of general availability release.

Not too long ago, there has been a few notable changes to Teams. If you may remember, Windows 11’s Chat app has just been¬†rebranded to Microsoft Teams (free), although it’s just purely for the naming and there are no changes in its functionalities.

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