John Lewis Teams Up With Microsoft To Scan Children’s Toys And Allow People To Interact With Them


John Lewis yesterday released their this year’s Christmas advert, and it is about the unlikely friendship between boy and Monty penguin.

Monty’s Magical Toy Machine will be present in John Lewis’ Oxford Street store where people can scan children’s toys, rendering them in 3D and interact with them on screen as a moving 3D image. John Lewin partnered with Microsoft Advertising to create this new experience.

The chosen toy is suspended in the air by clip wires and photographed 17 times by three digital SLR cameras using a process called photogrammetry, which sees them wheel around the toy to capture every angle, taking around 90 seconds.

The images are then processed by the computer and relayed to three 75-inch screens equipped with Kinect 2 sensors where children can interact with the 3D rendering of their toy: watching it slowly wake from its slumber, wave, and even bust some funky dance moves.

Owen Sagness, general manager of Microsoft Advertising and Online said the following regarding this marketing campaign,

“I love seeing the look on people’s faces, young or old, when they see the toys brought to life by Monty’s Magical Toy Machine.”
“This is no ordinary advertising campaign, and by bringing a bit of the magic of Christmas to life we are really hoping to give John Lewis customers a very different, very special experience this year.”

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via: Telegraph