Joe Belfiore And David Treadwell Talks About Building Windows In The New ‘One Microsoft’ Era

Joe Belfiore David Treadwell

Joe Belfiore And David Treadwell are corporate vice presidents in Microsoft’s Operating Systems Group. Joe Belfiore is responsible for the user experience while David Treadwell works on the engineering of the core of the operating system. Basically, these guys are in charge of the front end and back end of operating systems, including the Windows PC, tablet and phone platforms. Previously, Joe was part of Windows Phone team and David was in Xbox software engineering team. The new “One Microsoft” strategy has brought them together which will allow unified strategy for product design to schedules in the operating systems group.

Terry Myerson, head of the Operating Systems Group commented the following on these two guys,

Joe Belfiore is “colorful, excitable, authentic and genuine … very passionate about the end user experience,”

Treadwell, 47, is thoughtful, patient, detail-oriented.

He focuses on infrastructure, Myerson said, making sure that things are “very well built, well architected, well designed.”

“Joe is just a magnificent painter. Dave is much more a plumber or electrician,” Myerson said. “Together we all come together and build this fabulous house that is Windows.”

The “One Microsoft” strategy is just getting started and evidently this year, almost all of Microsoft’s engineering teams — from Azure to Office, Bing to Skype — took part in the crafting of a priority memo prepared by Treadwell’s team that states what the company will be including in its next big release of Windows.

“Before, there was a Windows team, a Windows Phone team, an Xbox team. While there was general agreement of the value of (having a) common core and consistency of design, there were organizational lines that we had to cross to achieve that,” Treadwell said. “There just aren’t these barriers now.”

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Source: Businessweek