JiWire shows strong Windows Phone 7 growth in USA and UK in Q2 2011



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JiWire is an online company serving ads over public WIFI, and they have published their regular quarterly report generated from data they collect from devices receiving their ads. They have more than 30,000 WIFI locations and serve over 40 million unique users each month.

Of interest to Windows Phone 7 owners is that the company has recorded a strong growth in the impressions generated by Windows Phone 7 devices.  In USA above a full 4.04% of ads are now being served to Windows Phone 7 handsets, up 3.6%


In UK there is a similar picture, with 2.6% of ads being served to Windows Phone 7 handsets, up 2.2% from the last quarter.

Both numbers are significantly more than the impressions raised by the 4th, 5th and 6th OS, and of course growing much faster, indicating that Windows Phone 7 owners are voracious consumers of content which should not be ignored by advertisers.

Read the full JiWire report here.

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