Jigsolve Me!: nice and free jigsaw puzzle game

Jigsolve Me! is a free, simple and fun jigsaw puzzle game for Windows Phone. As in all picture puzzle games, your goal is to match all puzzle pieces to complete a picture. What’s unique about jigsaw puzzles is that they consist of oddly shaped interlocking pieces. Unlike simple tile puzzles with square pieces, jigsaw puzzles are much more fun to play with.

In Jigsolve Me! you can either choose from four quick-game settings or start a fully customized game. If you choose the latter, you will be able to select the image, the size of the pieces, whether you want rotation and some other options. The game includes 30 images separated in categories. Want more? In one of the next updates you will be able to download many more images from within the game.

A great thing about Jigsolve Me! is that it actually uses the whole screen for solving the puzzle. No ads or any other unnecessary objects are displayed during gameplay. This is important for any smartphone game, but even more crucial for a jigsaw puzzle.

Another good feature of the game is the ability to save and load games. You probably won’t need this on easy or normal difficulty, but if you decide to go with the higher difficulties, such feature might come in handy.

Even with full screen gameplay, you might sometimes feel overcrowded with puzzle pieces and have a hard time “seeing the big picture”. This is easily dealt with using the “lock” feature. You can lock a puzzle piece (or a couple of pieces) by tap-and-hold. Locked pieces are always displayed behind other pieces and are not moveable. With this feature you can easily put solved pieces out of your way.

You can download download Jigsolve Me! for free. Also, you might want to visit the Facebook page of the game.


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