JerryRigEverything finds the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip’s Ultra-Thin Glass and elusive brushes



YouTube channel JerryRigEverything caused a major ruckus last week when they alledged that Samsung used fake glass in the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, and that the Ultra-Thin Glass was just a marketing gimmick.

Samsung responded by insisting the glass is very real, and in today’s video JerryRigEverything went searching for the elusive glass and also the brushes which Samsung built into the hinge to keep dust out of the folding smartphone.

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Suffice to say at the end the handset is not really recognizable anymore as an example of state of the art technology, but the channel did manage to verify that the Z Flip does have an extra layer of a glass-like substance which the Fold does not.

He, however, remained disappointed that the glass appears to add more to the rigidity of the surface than it does offering protection to the screen, which is what most of us expect the glass to do.

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