JBL Power Up Charging Bluetooth Speaker now only $149.50 at AT&T


10, 2013

imageNokia’s JBL Power Up Charging Bluetooth speakers have always made a great accessory to your Nokia Lumia, but at close to $300 it was really only for the dedicated.

It is however out with the old and in with the new time at AT&T, and the price of the accessory has seen a significant discount, to only $149.50, which is the same price as the much smaller Play Up Speaker.  The speaker supports pairing via NFC and charges your phone wirelessly when laid on top of it.

Of note however is that there is no guarantee Nokia’s handsets will continue to support Qi going forward, and that the industry appears to be swinging fast to an alternate wireless charging standard.

The accessory is available in Black and Blue, and can be ordered from AT&T here.

Via Reddit.com

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