If you are an avid fan of the best-selling video game to date, Minecraft, you’re also probably waiting for the official details of its movie release date. Well, there’s still no specific date to anticipate, but here’s the good news we’d love to report: it is slowly materializing with the entrance of Jason Momoa, who’s now in “final negotiations,” according to reports from The Hollywood Reporter and Variety.

For those who have been keeping an eye on the development of the project, it is no secret that it has been counting years now just to conceive its start. The idea for this video-game-inspired movie was announced way back in 2014, giving it a total of 8 years now. Then, the roller-coaster ride of the project commenced with the name of the directors supposed to handle the movie kept on changing. During the year the plan for the film was announced, it was said Shawn Levy (director of the Night at the Museum series, Real Steel, Stranger Things, Free Guy, and The Adam Project) would direct the movie. Yet, after a year, the position was given to Rob McElhenney (known for his act on the FX/FXX comedy series It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia), who would later leave the responsibility in 2018. Prior to that, the team announced in 2016 that the Minecraft movie would be released in 2019 but, obviously, the date was pushed and pushed until 2022 without certainty.

Despite the challenges the whole team faces managing the movie, Warner Bros. still pushes hard to make it possible. After all, it is still the best-selling video game to date that manages to continuously grow in users over the 10 years since its original release. The sandbox game, which was released by Mojang in May 2009, is still being patronized by a lot of users. It has 2.8 million to 3.6 million players daily and sold 230 million units, making it a worthy target for Warner Bros. to pursue.