Japanese Samsung Omnia better than HTC Touch HD?

We all know Japan is the home of great mobile phones, but it does rather hurt to have a slightly gimped model released world-wide, and then a much improved model released very soon after in the land of the rising sun.

Samsung has just announced the Samsung Omnia 930SC, to be released end of November on the Softbank network in Japan, and not only does this device rectify one of the greatest issues with the Omnia (the low resolution 240×400 screen) by boosting it to the new Windows Mobile high-end 800×480, but also adds a One-Seg TV tuner which can record up to 48 hours of TV onto the 8 GB internal storage.

To see the effect of the improved resolution click the picture for a larger version.

All the other great features remain in place, such as the 5 megapixel camera with face recognition and image stabilization and GPS.

Read more about the improved Omnia at Impress.co.jp.

Via Slashgear.com