Japanese Hub Gets In App Purchasing and More

Japanese HubJapanese Hub, the all in one tool for learning Japanese designed specifically for Windows Phone, has received a major update. The biggest addition to the app is in app purchasing. If you want to explore other sections of the app without purchasing the full version, you can now do so, with the sections or groups of sections unlockable for $1-$2.

In addition to continuous minor updates, the app also receives the ability to use the phone’s Text To Speech engine for all of the words and phrases. You just need to go under your phone’s settings and install the Japanese language and the app will automatically switch, removing the requirement of having a data connection.


Why you should try this app

Users almost universally note how easily they can pick up the Japanese language using this app. The lessons are stated simply, but effectively and lets you see, hear, and write, taking advantage of the three major styles of learning (auditory, visual, and kinesthetic).

Check out the trial version here.