Jan Mascarina’s “Why I Chose Windows Phone” contest entry

While Jan’s entry in our “Why I Chose Windows Phone” contest above is high on visuals and energy and short on words, he did in fact have a pretty long list of reasons why he defected from Android and iOS to Windows Phone 7.  He writes:

Why I chose to move and stick to a Windows Phone 7 (HTC HD7 to be exact), after having previously come from Android & iOS.

1. It’s potential as an OS. As an early adopter of the iPhone and even Android (Milestone), I thought the fresh young release from Microsoft is already refined from an end user-‘s perspective at such a ripe age. What more with time?
2. Unique design. METRO UI. You won’t find Apple throwing a lawsuit this way for sure.
3. Innovative features. Like the convenient swipe from left to see presious picture taken from camera. Makes life so easy!
4. Alive screen. Who needs widgets when you have live tiles? Minimalist. Functional. Beautiful.
5. Fun. XBox Live. ‘Nuff said.
6. Stable. As good of an ecosystem (albeit closed) as that of Apple’s, being tightly controlled by Microsoft instead of letting all hell break loose a la Android.
7. Smooth. Fluidity that even some dual cored Androids struggle to keep up with – at a single core.
8. Fast. Solid and fast browser performance.
9. Original. Completely rethought the look of an OS instead of copying an established system.
10. Colourful. Customization, how way you want it, without complicating things.
11. Productive with pre-installed Office Suite – the best I’ve tried on a mobile device to boot.
12. Organised – calendar syncs with Outlook – a must for me!
13. One click social sharing through Facebook or Twitter. Do away with launching standalone apps.
14. Responsibly responsive with no hang ups or lags.
15. Beautiful. Again. The simplistic, clean UI is just to die for.
16. Edgy factor – you’re no sheep to use a Windows, you’re a pioneer!
17. It’s the new OS in town. At least the newest. Newer is better, right?
18. Stability. Again, I praise the OS in it’s stability.
19. Growing in numbers, daily. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was iOS and Android. WP7 will grow and mature beautifully with time.
20. Mango brought sought after improvements, to a huge percentile of WP users. Unlike Android, there’s a smaller version fragmentation with standardization of features – one update to rule them all.
21. Again. Gorgeous UI. You have to see the meticulous attention to detail they have, with liberal yet tactful use of fades and flies.
22. Seamlessly integrates into your life. You won’t even know it’s there most of the time.
23. I prefer fruits for eating, not as brands.
24. Think robot and what do you think? Clunky, clumsy and unwieldy. The competition couldn’t have thought up a better name.
25. Pure technology. Microsoft has been in the business before I was even born. The technology they incorporated into this tiny device is just years of expertise packaged and presented nicely to me. Shame not many chose to reward themselves with this gift!

Upload your own Windows Phone 7 story and stand a chance to win a total of $300 in cash prizes.  Read the rules of the contest at the original post here. Winners will be chosen by a public vote on the 30th November 2011.  That’s only 5 days away!

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