I’ve given up on Microsoft’s Groove (Xbox) Music


After being a paying subscriber of Xbox Music for a few years, I can safely say that I’m done with Groove Music.

I can no longer continue to throw good money down the toilet hoping the app would get better, it simply hasn’t over the years and while I would love to see it progress further, I can safely say that I’ve spent enough money on an essential mobile service for a while only to discover that upon self reflection Groove Music had stopped being fun and started simply being a chore.

To prevent this from being a really short article, I’ll go over my 5 stages of grief in a semi-serious manner of when Xbox Music died to me.

Before its death: The Music and Videos app in Windows Phone 8.0 was an interesting app. It was very useful, and though it did have its flaws, it also had a few well thought out features which, coupled with its reliability, redeemed it. Then Windows Phone 8.1 happened.

Denial: When Windows Phone 8.1 launched, my firm belief was that the Microsoft Xbox Music app was a beta. After all, it was laughably terrible and there was no way Microsoft would ship such a broken app. I can remember telling users to “calm down, its all in beta” and wait for the full release of Windows Phone 8.1.  A few updates later, and I realized the truth. There would be no salvation from this hell. Xbox Music was ruined.

Anger: Suffice to say, I got really angry at Microsoft for ruining the experience of Xbox Music with their unment promises of future updates. I posted a few diatribes here, and hoped against hope that I would be wrong, that somewhere out there there was a beautiful Xbox Music app just waiting to be released from Casa Redmond. Suffice to say, I was wrong.

Bargaining: Maybe if I update to Lumia Cyan it would work. Maybe if I hard reset my phone? Maybe if I buy a new phone with Lumia denim? Maybe a Lumia 735? Or an 830? Maybe it is optimised for low-end devices? Or higher end devices? or middle of the range devices? How about waiting for Windows 10? MAYBE I’M HOLDING IT WRONG?!

Depression:  When Microsoft suddenly announced that they would be slowing down the already sporadic music app updates for a larger Windows 10 update next year, a part of me gave up.  already. With Windows 10 being a year away, we were stuck with a deficient at best app.

(Then the Windows 10 Music preview app came out and I skipped a few steps back to denial. )

Denial: the Groove Music app was a step in the right direction. Too bad that Microsoft has not made any further steps, even in Groove Music for Windows desktops. The state of the apps just inspire despair when you think of what came before them.

Acceptance: At this point, I realise now that if Groove Music isn’t any good yet, who know when it’ll be. I like the Windows Phone OS, and life is far too short to be using a service that is tied to an app that is…dysfunctional.

I’ll be watching Groove’s progress in the future, but honestly? I’m not holding my breath.

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